Tahiti is an awesome representative of the breed. She is a CCAA Grand Champion, is a therapy dog, a service dog, has her CGC and is best buddies with most of the other Corsos at Blue Ridge. She is a big girl, with a heart to match. She is well balanced with an excellent top line, straight front, nicely angulated rear, great movement and one of the best heads in the Corso World (that is my opinion and yes I may be a bit biased!!).

Tahiti is a blue brindle, is 26 1/2 at the withers and weighs 115 pounds +/-. She spends her days chasing sticks, bugs, squirrels, toys and other Corsos! She loves to run full speed and at times appears to be flying through the air. She is very athletic and loves to play. She may be a bit aloof at first, but once she sniffs you a bit, she will become your best friend. She is affectionate, loyal. outgoing and stunning to look at. She loves little puppies, little kids, and her "people". She is my buddy, companion, shadow, and the most endearing dog I have ever met. Those who visit Blue Ridge all fall in love with Tahiti, and many have tried to dognap her!
Tahiti with Blue Ridge Davina