Champion La'Onda's Blue Ridge Dallas

Dallas aka "Handsome" is a champion and is very proud of it. He is very athletic but muscular, is big boned with a balanced body. His head is glorious!! He has a reverse scissor bite, level top line, and great movement. His feet are rather large...but he wears them well! He is appropriately protective, but warms up to strangers quickly if he senses you are an ok person. Although his appearance is enough to frighten most people, he has been described as a "goofball" because of his playfulness and easygoing personality. He is black brindle, 27 1/2" at the withers and weighs about 125 pounds +/-. He loves his ladies and spends his day "protecting" and herding them. This is his full time job that he takes very seriously, although the ladies all seem to think they have him wrapped around their little paws!

Dallas is from La'Onda kennels. Thank you Andrae Martin for producing and entrusting us with this very special boy!


We would like to thank Andrae Martin of La'Onda's Cane Corso for producing this fine example of the Cane Corso.
We thank Andrae Martin for entrusting us with this very special boy.